All the members of the community: hello, we have updated the roadmap, we will be completed in this year’s DFBTC v1 version function, open new journey, we will be completed in the coming year DFBTC v2 version of the online, in the process we will be comprehensive promotion and the establishment of the partner, let’s change the future, let defi more perfect.

DFBTC New roadmap


DFBTC aims to solve the decentralization problem of BTC cross-chain to Ethereum which increase BTC liquidity by anchoring the issue of ERC 20 standard digital assets and provide value liquidity to Defi on the Ethereum chain, help Bitcoin to gain non-debilitant yielding coins (AOM) through the only application Dapp. DFBTC adopts 1:10,000 proportion pledge casting to increase the efficiency of BTC cross-chain application.

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The test node must have 2000aom to apply

ETH USDT USDC DAI can be combined in any combination as margin

You can guarantee that BTC can obtain fixed income from node income and loan income at the same time

Fill in the address where you keep your BTC in the input box




Dfbtc makes bitcoin more flexible to obtain fruits