DFBTC Test Network Award collection process notice

2 min readSep 14, 2021

We officially ended the first phase of the DFBTC Dapp test network activity today.
After 14 days of Kovan network testing, our Nods, Staking and other functions have been tested, and everything is ready now. Next, we will officially start migrating the main network.
Now we announce the reward process for participating test users
Thank you again for your great support. We are deeply humbled by the degree of response shown by these numbers.
Although all tasks are compulsory, and only after completing the requested requirements can they enjoy the right to obtain AOM tokens.

Thank you again for helping us build the much-needed awareness of DEFI, and direct your spotlight to our vision and future efforts, and let the world know how valuable DFBTC Network is to people’s online activities.
With you, we are a truly decentralized project.
DFBTC Dapp test network token reward collection requirements:

1️⃣ Ensure that you have participated in all tests in accordance with the process.

2️⃣ Follow DFBTC on Twitter.

3️⃣ Join the DFBTC network telegram team.

4️⃣ Join the DFBTC network telegram bulletin channel.

5️⃣ Write experience content about the process of participating in the test (including pictures of dAPP use) and post it on Twitter with #DFBTC DAPP at the same time @ three twitter friends

We will announce the winners list after verification
(In order to protect user identity, only ERC20 addresses will be published here.)
Fill out the Google form-https://forms.gle/67RneHwu3H6MEqSKA
The deadline for the transfer of funds for the award promise is at 3 pm UTC on September 30th. If you have any questions about this release, please don’t hesitate to contact us via telegram or shout out to @DFBTC on Twitter.
Please note that the only token address is:



DFBTC aims to solve the decentralization problem of BTC cross-chain to Ethereum which increase BTC liquidity by anchoring the issue of ERC 20 standard digital assets and provide value liquidity to Defi on the Ethereum chain, help Bitcoin to gain non-debilitant yielding coins (AOM) through the only application Dapp. DFBTC adopts 1:10,000 proportion pledge casting to increase the efficiency of BTC cross-chain application.

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