DFBTC Test Kovan Web Announcement

2 min readAug 20, 2021


After three months of site procedures and functions adjustment, now the site structure has basically completed, therefore, we decide to start a wider range of public beta. Public beta data will be retained and become a part of the official online website contents. If you have any opinions about web interface or functions, please give your feedback to the community. We will not guarantee that every opinion is adopted, but we will make appropriate adjustments according to the circumstance of oneself . Thank you for your help to improve the platform.

DFBTC testing network V1 version update details
2.The guarantor node
4.Lending (open later)
5.Swap (open later)
(Please check the user manual for the above functions )

Choose the Kovan in MetaMask wallet to test network
New ERC20 standard testing token address for DFBTC Kovan testing network:






Users participating in mining select the testing network to add tokens address and then submit your testing network wallet address to Google form:


We will send testing tokens to your wallet address.

Note: The tokens used in the testing network are received free of charge. Please do not transfer the official network token in order to avoid losing.
Pos consensus algorithm and stability are optimized.

Before the major network of DFBTC is launched, we will continue a multistage testing network iteration and deliver function update in accordance with fixed stage. Next, the key work direction of DFBTC will be running conditions based on DFBTC testing network version, the speed of optimal consensus algorithm and financial model algorithm, constant optimization of infrastructure, system stability and security. In addition, defi module and other aspects will also be iterated and improved.

Users can continue to pay close attention to DFBTC community and participate in the DFBTC network test environment personally through our latest test to win a mission reward of $200U AOM. We will also encourage each block chain enthusiasts and community to participate in the test with us and bring us more valuable opinions.

Contact DFBTC Network


Twitter: https://twitter.com/DFBTC

Telegram: https://t.me/DFBTC_Commmunity

Medium: https://dfbtc.medium.com/




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