AOM Financial Mode Introduction

3 min readMay 7, 2021

DFBTC is a digital asset which aims to solve the problem of BTC cross-chain high-quality assets, and further to increase their liquidity through the issue of standard ERC 20 standard. It can resist the risk of market fluctuations by the way of anti-risk model and fruits. DFBTC anchors BTC by 1:10,000, and users can choose their own DFBTC to carry out other financial activities, such as exchanging ETH or borrowing and a series of DEFI investment activities.

For obtaining DFBTC by Exchanging BTC, you can choose four different fruits pools for pledge mining and can obtain AOM during the subscription period. According to the model design, if you participate in the AOM fruits pool, you can obtain AOM. You can also choose to use DFBTC to provide liquidity for cross-chain trading of ETH and other high-quality digital assets to gain profits.

AOM is an important component of DFBTC cross-chain revenue, which is generated by the solution of zero-coupon assets of Bitcoin through technology, and provides higher liquidity through cross-chain anchoring technology, which is anchored to the ETH network. In the future, AOM will create more ways to generate income from high-quality assets, and in the later stage, it will cross chain to other high-quality main chains to provide and increase greater value.

AOM allocation ratio

A total of 2.1 billion AOM

Distribution Scheme:

11.5% Development Lab (3 years of release completion)

9.5% Foundation (3 years of release completion)

14% Investors (6–36 months of release completion)

1% Initial liquidity

64% the Community

AOM allocation scheme

AOM is a cross-chain token which aims to build a decentralized Bitcoin fruits financial system that provides all users worldwide with a stable Bitcoin fruits ecology, governance mechanism and decentralization. AOM is a multi-token system. Pledging DFBTC or DFBTC cross-chain liquidity can obtain interest AOM. AOM holders can participate in the DFBTC community for fair governance.

Initial allocation scheme for AOM

We will launch the pledge and liquidity mining scheme in Version V1 which is to open the cross-chain service of BTC-DFBTC-ethreum network. And for Version V2, we will add cross-chain service to the main network. As for the pledge algorithm and liquidity algorithm, we will publish them later before going online. It is expected that Version V1 will be launched in June.


DFBTC aims to solve the huge volatility risk of BTC and the lack of liquidity of cross-chain high-quality assets by the method of issuing standard ERC2.0 digital assets, adding risk resistant models and yielding to resist risks, and transfer high-quality BTC assets to Ethereum across the chain. DFBTC adopts 1:10000 ratio pledge casting and increase BTC cross-chain applications through DFBTC to make high-quality encrypted assets more efficient.

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Dfbtc makes bitcoin more flexible to obtain fruits